The end of the (home educating) road.

Both my children will be going to school at the beginning of September, so our home educating journey will be over.

It has been interesting.

The 'am I doing the right thing?' element has been terrifying, and I think I would have had an easier time emotionally if I'd just trusted myself totally from the start.

Yes, I was doing the right thing.

After meeting hundreds of home educating families who are also doing the right thing, I wish I had read more about HE and networked within the community earlier, in order to help assuage some of my fears.

I should have been less polite with the useless jobsworths at North Yorkshire Local Education Authority, and shut down any communication with them long before I did. As it is, they have not contacted us for over five years - and we liked it that way.

I am undoubtedly closer to both my children than if we hadn't had this opportunity to spend so much time together.

We have all learnt a lot - especially me.

We have met some wonderful friends, all of whom would not have crossed our paths if the children were in school.

We've been to some amazing places, and benefitted from being able to avoid the crowds by timing our visits to museums, art galleries, historic sites etc.

My children are kind and confident, one more quietly so than the other, but no less effectively.

They are independent, enthusiastic learners who know how to occupy and motivate themselves.

If something needs doing, they do it.

I hope they are resilient and I hope that, as I entrust them back into the English state school system that failed them so badly all those years ago, they know that if school doesn't offer them what they need, they can stand up, excuse themselves... and come home.

I think that is the most important thing I have taught them.

They can always, always come home.

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