""The last thing MPs should be talking about is their own pay rise".


Keith Vaz, to whom the title quote above is attributed, is amongst a group of MPs vowing to reject any proposals for a large pay increase.

David Cameron is prepared to sanction a modest pay rise for MPs on condition that they forfeit other perks to ensure the overall costs of Westminster are cut.
As Ed Miliband indicated that he would reverse a planned £10,000 pay rise for MPs if elected prime minister, Cameron said it would be unthinkable if the overall costs of Westminster were not frozen or even cut.
But in the face of intense lobbying by Tory MPs for Downing Street to allow them to receive a pay rise, the prime minister stopped short of ruling out a rise in their salaries.
From article by Patrick Wintour and Nicholas Watt in The Guardian

Link to full article in The Guardian

The fact that MPs are even broaching the subject of a large payrise during such stark economic times demonstrates clearly how out of touch they are with the realities faced by many of the people they are employed to serve.

Either they haven't grasped how angry the electorate truly is, (not that this Government was actually elected!) or they don't care - neither is acceptable.

The UK has the sixth largest national economy in the world, yet there are families that would starve without food banks, and many people that can't afford to heat their homes.

Bankers are rewarded for their mistakes/criminal acts, and pandered to by a Government that has only served to deepen the financial crisis.

Our MPs have done nothing to deserve a payrise.

They have, however, done plenty that should keep them awake at night.

Maybe it's easy to ignore your conscience, or to hide your moral compass in your armoire, when your bad decisions don't affect you personally?

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