Jeremy Kyle is an ill-informed, sanctimonious arse!

At least I think he is.
I heard about Sanctimonious Arseism once, and it seems to me like he's got it.
I had a good friend with it, you see, so that makes me an expert.

Now all I need to do is find him, berate him, yell in his face and humiliate him.
Preferably on national television.
In front of his ex-wife.
Whilst referencing his former gambling addiction.
And accusing him of being drunk.

Because I have now appointed myself as a moral arbiter and I have developed an odd, misplaced sense of entitlement.
I mistake the role of 'former radio DJ' with 'someone with sound medical knowledge', or 'a professional journalist', or 'a person who knows proper facts about Specific Learning Difficulties'.

Click the link below to see what all the fuss is about.

You will be taken to Paul Grove's website, dyslexicsonline.com.

Jeremy Kyle (the ill-informed, sanctimonious arse) knows ALL about Dyslexia!

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