Big week for Boy2

Whilst refusing to give in to maternal wibbliness, I did want to mark the occasions.

This week Boy2 has had one of his photographs published in the local newspaper for the first time.
He's also started as a volunteer at our local library, providing computer training.

The Headteacher at his first school told me (with unqualified certainty) that my son would either end up in a Psychiatric Unit or a Young Offenders Institute by the time he was 10.

A teacher at his second school told me that I just had to accept that he might never be able to read or write.

I would like to reiterate that the most effective ways to ensure that your child flourishes are

1: give them time, patience, kindness and space so they can become confident and learn in a way that suits them
2: remove them from the company of unprofessional, unkind, pseudo-scientific, emotionally unintelligent, poorly-informed people.

It certainly worked for us!


  1. I am chuckling at the rightness of your 2 guidelines. Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you. It is good when naysayers are proved to be wrong! Happy New Year to you too :)


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