Which bits are Dyspraxia.......?

Which bits are Dyspraxia?
Which bits are teenager?
Which bits are innate?

At what age do I stop organising him, basically?

Boy 1 is aged very nearly 17.

He got himself all prepared for the school Christmas trip.
Correct clothing for indoor climbing; climbing shoes in his bag; money in wallet.
All of it sorted and arranged last night.

I've just had a text from him to say that he has arrived at school to find that the trip is next week!

At what age do I stop nagging/organising/rounding him up?

I'm not sure exactly, but I do it's ........ not quite yet! :o)


  1. that sounds very like my teen....In fact, this scenario this morning played out; he carefully got all his climbing gear, shoes, trackies, lunch etc and put them in his bag. then took them out to put something else in, and left the house, leaving neat pile of essentials in the hallway....

  2. oh and yesterday he managed to tell me in great detail how radiotherapy works on cells but failed to name the days of the week in the correct order....so I'm with you in the ''still going to help him be organised'' camp.


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