The value of volunteers

We are very lucky in that all the volunteers for our charity are dedicated, hard-working and altruistic.

Today we experienced what happens when a charity has volunteers that don't appear to either understand or share the mission of the organisation they are representing.

We attended a charity event along with many other stallholders from other charities, community groups and local businesses.

The volunteers from one particular charity moaned and griped from the moment we got there until the moment they left.

Firstly they griped about the parking charges of the town we were in.
Then about the way their management committee had organised an upcoming event.
Then they gave disapproving glares towards some of the children of other stallholders.
Then they shut up shop and went home two hours earlier than anyone else, because they had been told 10-1, even though the event was 12:30 - 15:30.

So they basically buggered off half an hour after all the 'punters' arrived.

No money raised, no awareness raised ....... lots of eyebrows raised.

They gave a very poor impression of the charity they were there to promote, and a very poor impression of themselves.

It was an important reminder that just because someone offers to give their time for free, it doesn't mean they are up to .... or even deserve .... the role.

Be careful to whom you entrust the image of your charity, or all your hard work could be unravelled in less than three hours.

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