Education terminology

It is sooooo boring seeing the same old misconceptions trotted out by politicians, media outlets and (most disappointingly of all) many who work 'at the coal face' in the realms of Education.

For example, in this article entitled, 'Many teenagers can't read GCSE Exam papers':

"The tests were based on results of both struggling and bright pupils using Renaissance Learning software". 
From an article by Hannah Richardson on BBC website. Click HERE for link.

'Struggling' & 'bright' are not mutually exclusive terms!

Lots of pupils are both.

It's just that lack of understanding of their learning style and a lack of appropriate educational support causes them to struggle!

The Education system is to blame, not the children who have to try and negotiate their way through it.

There now, you've made me use two exclamation marks in one post; I hardly ever do that.

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