The level of SEN support in English schools is appallingly bad

so what can we do about it?

Firstly you can contact your MP, and the other public figures who represent your area, and ask them why.

You can email them right now via THIS LINK so let's get the subject of educational support for children with SpLDs one that is regularly in the limelight.

Do you know what your local Education Authority spends on SEN?
Do they have a Dyslexia strategy?
Are they signed up to the British Dyslexia Association's scheme for Dyslexia Friendly schools?
Do they have anyone who can diagnose Dyslexia?

You can search for information relating to your own council via THIS LINK.
If you find the answers you are looking for, please make them as visible to others as possible; add them to your Facebook status, Tweet them (at your local MP and councillors, at your MEP, at Stephen Twigg, at David Cameron, at whichever Miliband you prefer etc), send a copy to Michael Gove, and blog them.

If you want to contact me with the results, I will add them to this blog too.

Let's name and shame the authorities who are getting away with failing to support our children.

Let's make SEN provision an issue that crosses the desks and iPads of those who have a responsibility to represent us.

If you don't find the answers you were looking for on the 'What Do They Know' site (linked to above) then please request them by following the steps to make a new Freedom of Information request.

And then publicise the responses you get.

We all know that funding is an issue, particularly during times of recession, but those who shout the loudest seem to get more than those who are simply accepting of their fate.

You can guarantee that if a Cabinet Minister sent their child to a State school, and that child had SpLDs, the profile of SEN would be raised, and changes would be made for the better.

Are our children worth any less than theirs?

Fight for your child, and for all the others who are being let down by an education system that is paid to provide them with an appropriate education.

Lots of individual voices can make quite a noise - and it's certainly preferable to the current silence.

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