Disappointing Goverment response to the BDA petition

So the Government refuse to mandate that new teachers need to be trained in how to help Dyslexic children.

Disappointing, but entirely in keeping with what we have come to expect from Gove and his cronies.

I wonder if Stephen Twigg will be responding to this?

I am so disappointed that he is not a more vocal and visible member of the Shadow Cabinet.
There are certainly plenty of issues surrounding SEN that he could be making waves about.
Or just be publicly in opposition of. And in Opposition of.

Plenty of us try to raise awareness of SEN issues WITHOUT being paid to do so, but just because we, y'know, want to improve the Education system.

And because we are sick of seeing the fall-out for the families whose children are ignored and discriminated against by the English Education Department.

I met the parent of a 7-year-old Dyslexic boy a few weeks ago.
Her child had recently told her that he "would be better off dead because he couldn't do school properly".

But heaven forbid that the Government should mandate that those being paid to provide Teacher Training courses ensure that those they train are equipped to properly support these children!

I mean, it's not like Government is in charge or anything....

Link to more information on the Dyscovered website HERE.

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